1936 Western Swing Live: Rare Radio Broadcasts

Jambalaya CW 207 FrontJambalaya CW 207 Back

Release Date: 1990
Name Variation: The Light Crust Doughboys
Label: Jambalaya
Catalog # CW 207
Format: Format: Vinyl, 12″, Album

A1 Theme Tune (Easy Ridin’ Papa) [April 30, 1936]
A2 Dinah [April 30, 1936]
A3 Limehouse Blues [April 30, 1936]
A4 Preacher And The Bear [April 30, 1936]
A5 Leave The Pretty Girls Alone [April 30, 1936]
A6 Para Sought’s Horn Pipe [May 1, 1936]
A7 My Pretty Quadroon [May 1, 1936]
A8 Yes Sir, That’s My Baby [May 1, 1936]
B1 Yellow Rose Of Texas [May 1, 1936]
B2 Open Up Those Pearly Gates [May 1, 1936]
B3 Hand Me Down My Walking Cane [May 16, 1936]
B4 When It’s Moonlight In The Ozarks [May 16, 1936]
B5 Five Foot Two [May 16, 1936]
B6 When I Take My Vacation In Heaven [May 16, 1936]
B7 Miss Baker’s Hornpipe [May 16, 1936]
B8 Texas Centennial Waltz [Previously unreleased – Recorded April 7, 1934]

Fiddle – Clifford Gross (Doctor)
Fiddle – Kenneth Pitts (Abner)
Lead Guitar – Muryel Campbell (Zeke)
Banjo – Marvin Montgomery (Junior)
Rhythm Guitar – Dick Reinhart (Bashful)
Bass – Bert Dodson (Buddy)
Lead Vocals – Bert Dodson, Dick Reinhart
Vocals on Open Up Those Pearly Gates For Me – Clifford Goss
Vocal Trios – Bert Dodson, Dick Reinhart, Kenneth Pitts

Jambalaya CW 207 Side 1 Jambalaya CW 207 Side 2


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