Favorite Piano and Guitar Classics, Vol. 1.

Art Greenhaw Records AGR-7036 Front

Limited-edition, special first pressing of Light Crust Doughboys album coinciding with issuance of 75th Anniversary Signature Light Crust Doughboys Guitar line. Album features some of the greatest piano and guitar singles ever recorded, country tour de force classics in traditional vocal country and traditional instrumental country. Perfect CD album with which to play long with your Light Crust Doughboys guitar! Or play along with your piano or keyboard!

Release Date: 2006
Name Variation: The Light Crust Doughboys
Label: Art Greenhaw Records
Catalog # AGR-7036
Format: CD / Download [Compilation]

1. Ode To Joy (3:46)
2. Melody of Love (2:49)
3. Promise-Keeping Man (3:26)
4: Spaghetti Rag (1:51)
5: Eyes On The Prize (3:17)
6. Variations Of Gershwin’s Prelude (3:35)
7. Give The World A Smile (1:48)
8. Life’s Railway To Heaven (3:42)
9. 12th Street Rag (2:37)
10. Is It Raining? (3:47)
11. Farther Along (2:57)
12. Boogie Woogie (2:16)
13. Gospel Woman (2:59)
14. Orange Blossom Special (2:26)
15. House Of The Risen Son (4:28)


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