Roll Up The Carpet Volume 2

B.A.C.M. CD D 363 Front

Release Date: 2011
Name Variation: The Light Crust Doughboys
Label: B.A.C.M.
Catalog # CD D 363
Format: CD [Compilation]

1 Dusty Steveador
2 Happy Cowbo
3 Horsie Keep Your Tail Up
4 I Had Someone Else Before I Met You
5 I’ll Get Mine
6 I’m A Ding Dong Daddy
7 Memories Of Jimmie Rodgers
8 It’s Funny What Love Will Make You Do
9 My Mary
10 My Million Dollar Smile
11 Oh Baby Blues You Won’t Have No Mama At All
12 Ragtime Annie
13 She’s Still That Old Sweetheart Of Mine
14 Rochester Schottische
15 There’s A Little Grey Mother Dreaming
15 Roll Up The Carpet
17 Please Come Back To Me
18 Snow Deer
19 Prairie Lullaby
20 Thousand Mile Blues
21 Your Own Sweet Darling Wife
22 Waiting For The Robert E Lee
23 Weary Blues
24 My Pretty Quadroon.


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